Brand New

Dear North Church Family, My wife Rhonda and I, as well as the leadership here at North[…]

Joy! Celebrate Christ with Us!

It’s always a privilege to celebrate the birth of our Savior. This year will be no different[…]

What’s Your Body Language Saying?

What is the world picking up from the church’s body language?  Paul said, “Now ye are the[…]

We’ve Moved!

Hey everyone!  In keeping with our new website launch, we’ve also gotten new social media accounts.  Make sure[…]

Legends of the Fall – Don’t Miss It!

Next week – IT BEGINS!  Our first annual Legends of the Fall series! Join us as we[…]

We Need School Supplies

Our Community Services and Personal Ministries departments are helping to provide school supplies for the homeless teens who[…]

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