March 27, 2018 The North Star

We’re Going Under the Influence!

For the rest of the year, North’s entire focus will be on evangelism.  We have decided to do a deep dive study of the book of the Bible that chronicles the spread of the gospel to most of the then known world.  12 men whose lives had been forever altered by the lowly Carpenter from Nazareth, took His gospel from Jerusalem and carried it to the very doorsteps of Caesar, baptizing thousands along the way.  How did they do it?  Are there things we can do to follow their example?  Is their message still applicable today?

Yes, yes and YES again!!

Join us as we, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, journey through the book of Acts.  To get the most out of this series by Pastor Johns, you have to COMMIT to studying.  Jonathan McReynolds sings these lines from his latest album Make Room in the song with the same title:

I find space for what I treasure
And I make time for what I want
I choose my priorities and
Jesus, You’re my number one

We are asking you to make Jesus your number one priority over the next few months.  The series starts on April 14.  Before then, we want you to read through the book of Acts seven times, using these methods:

  • Quietly
  • Fast
  • Out loud
  • Backwards
  • Hop and skip – read the chapter in random order
  • Slow
  • Repeat one of the above

You can use the version of the Bible you like the best – our only ask is that you complete the task!  Then, plan to join us on Saturdays at noon, starting on April 14, as Pastor Johns walks us through the book of Acts, using his unique method of sharing the gospel with a contemporary twist.