March 27, 2017 Jamond Jimmerson

The Super Model

Since the disciples made the request, “Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples,” over two millennia ago, much has been said and written about what has been called “the model prayer” – what we also fondly call “The Lord’s Prayer.” It’s easy to make the logical leap that for the disciples to have asked this question, they must have seen Jesus praying regularly. But I’d like to ask you to also consider their question from the vantage point of Luke’s gospel.

We know that Luke was very concerned with showing the Gentile readers of his gospel that although Jesus was Messiah, God and Servant, He was very much also a man. So if the only perfect man who ever walked the earth needed to pray, loved to pray and prayed often, how much more should we, as imperfect men and women, participate in this spiritual discipline?

While the answer to that question may seem obvious – consider these: What happened when Jesus prayed? What happened to others when He prayed? What can we expect to happen if we pray like He prayed?

We’ll explore answers to these questions in our new series, “The Super Model: Moving Beyond the Model Prayer to the Model Prayer Life.” We will push past the model prayer and look more closely at the life of the One who taught us to pray it.

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